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Weekly Predictions March 2005 - 02.15.05

March weekly weather forecasts by Doc Weather.

March 2005 week 1
A high should push up on the West Coast and send the storm jet down into the PNW as the week progresses. The continental jet once again is set up to cross the continent on a horizontal path.

West Coast -Moderate fronts into the PNW with Intermittent rains and cool temperatures south into Northern California around midweek.

MT/High Plains - Variable weather with weak to moderate fronts early and late in the week in the northern High Plains.

Mid Continent - Variable weather with weak to fronts midweek with scattered rains to the north and moderate temperatures throughout.

East Coast - Unsettled weather with possibility of a storm near NY late in the week.

March 2005 week 2
The polar jet is moving north on the West Coast at this time. Look for a storm track through the PNW with wet storms in the Western Rockies then a horizontal track across the continent bringing milder temperatures and some Pacific moisture to northern areas.

West Coast - Milder to the south with variable, moderate fronts to the north. Cooler after the 12th.

MT/High Plains - Moderate high in the northern Great Basin early, after 12th wet and wild storm into the Northern High Plains.

Mid Continent - Warm and dry to the south. Mild with thunderstorms, 12th to 14th in the Central States and northern Corn Belt, cooler at week�(tm)s end.

East Coast - Thunderstorms late in the week from Virginia to New York.

March 2005 week 3

Look for a series of strong low-pressure events to come out of the Alberta Canada area starting on the 15th and continuing until the 19th. Cold from the PNW should enter this area a the beginning of the third week. Strong squalls and rain events should move into the Corn Belt and Central states for a few days afterwards.

West Coast �" Look for high-pressure over Hawaii to grow towards the coast. A cold surge into the PNW should be accompanied by some weak frontal passages.

MT/High Plains �" Look for a strong storm jet from Alberta to become active around the 16th. .

Mid Continent - Much cooler after midweek in the eastern belt. Look for intense late storms Great Lakes to New England.

East Coast - Much cooler after midweek with intense storms. Possible strong nor�(tm)easter.

March 2005 week 4

A strong shift of the prevailing unsettled pattern of the past few weeks will unfold as March promises to go out like a lamb. Warmth should spread over the middle section of the continent while the Northern Plains should get a late taste of winter. A thunderstorm belt should form between Denver and the Great Lakes at month�(tm)s end bringing the threat of tornados.

West Coast - High pressure pushing north should bring clear and milder weather north and south on the coast.

MT/High Plains - Watch our for a cold and turbulent storm into western Plains 25th to 28th.

Mid Continent �" A strong cold storm should barrel into the Central States and Corn Belt from the 26th to 29th. Cold should drop far to south, watch for tornados in CO, OK and KS.

East Coast �" A cold trough at midweek should yield to cold and stormy conditions between Washington DC and NY, late in the week.