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April 2005 weekly forecasts - 03.15.05

April has an eclipse in it so weekly patterns will be fluid.



April 2005 week 1
Jupiter and the node should team up to bring mild temperatures to the Northern Plains and the PNW. Look for a high in the NW and a low near the Baja in the first week. Cold and wet conditions should dominate the Great Lakes area and the Northeast.

West Coast �" Warm and dry in the PNW early.

MT/High Plains - Dry and mild in the south, with weak to moderate fronts in the Northern Plains.

Mid Continent - Temperate and clear to the west, and warm in the south. Cool and wet in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys.

East Coast - Cool to north and warm to the south with weak to moderate fronts, MId Atlantic states.



April 2005 week 2- eclipse week
A solar eclipse this week will shift jet stream patterns across North America. Look for high-pressure over the Eastern Pacific to send the polar jet into Alaska and spread Canadian cold from the Mid West to the East Coast. The weather should be very unsettled for the two weeks between the eclipses.

West Coast �" Look for a moderate storm into Vancouver area from the 7th to 9th.

MT/High Plains �" Expect cold fronts with ample precipitation in the northern High Plains, with dry and warmer conditions to the south and west.

Mid Continent - Expect high-pressure to the western Central and Corn Belt states. In the eastern Corn Belt look for unseasonable cold with moderate to strong fronts to the north, drier but still cooler to the south and east.

East Coast �" Look for a moderate but cold storm in New England and south to NJ from the 8th to 11th.



April 2005 week 3
A pattern should arise this week featuring mild temperatures in the Northwest but strong cooling in the High Plains and Great Lakes. The jet moving into the Dakotas should encounter a moderate ridge across the Great lakes and a moderate trough formation over the East Coast.This should bring unseasonable cold from Minnesota to New England.

West Coast - Weak fronts and cool to the north, dry and temperate to the south.

MT/High Plains - Warmer in the south, intermittent fronts to the north.

Mid Continent - Warm and moist Gulf Coast, unseasonably cool / intermittent fronts Ohio Valley.

East Coast - Weak fronts and cool to north, warm and moist to south.



April 2005 week 4- lunar eclipse
A lunar eclipse will once again shift patterns on the continent, especially over the Great Basin. A high over the East Pacific should alternate with a low latitude low off of southern California. A high over the northern Corn Belt should steer the polar jet to the south across the Central States. A low-pressure center over the northern Rocky Mountains should keep fronts moving across the mountains to drop to the southeast over the Corn Belt with a fast moving storm at the end of the week.

West Coast �" Cold fronts into PNW starting on 21st, dry to south early, but possible weak fronts after 26th.

MT/High Plains �" Moderate to strong storms in MT/High Plains 26th to 28th.

Mid Continent �" Dry to the north, with storms across the Central states 27th to 29th.

East Coast �" Look for strong fronts from NE to the Mid Atlantic states, 27th to 31st.