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Weekly Predictions May 2005 - 05.01.05

Weekly predictions for May 2005 by Doc Weather.

May 2005 week 1

In the west, watch for the Hawaii High to grow strong, pushing the storm jet north. Look for a shift to low pessure in the High Plains to bring the storm jet to the south in the Corn Belt as the Moon transits the continent in the first week.



West Coast - Dry and warmer to the south. shift to zonal flow inthe PNW. Possible fronts PNW.

MT/High Plains �"Dry to the north over the mountains. The southern High Plains could see some moderate low pressure areas in the beginning of the week.

Mid Continent �" Look for moderate fronts to drop into the central and eastern Corn Belt, at the beginning and end of week.

East Coast �" Moderate temperatures should accompany moderate fronts on the 2nd and 3rd, with stronger fronts on the 7th and 8th.



May 2005 week

A shift to zonal flow across the northern tier of states should bring mild temperatures across the continent and with wet weather from the PNW to New England.

West Coast �" Look for moderate to good rains in the north, with weak rains as far south as Grants Pass, with no rains south of Mt. Shasta, 12th to 14th.

MT/High Plains �" Expect the Pacific Jet to flow into Alberta with wet fronts from the Dakotas to the Great Lakes, by midweek.

Mid Continent �" Look for end of week good to moderate rains to the north of the Corn Belt with possible moderate rains in the Central States.

East Coast - Early and late, it looks like moderate to good rains for most of the Northeast states tapering off to the south.



May 2005 week 3

Look for a pronounced shift from high-pressure in the beginning of the week to more unsettled weather late in the week in all sections except for the southern parts of the West Coast.

West Coast �" Early cool/dry weather in thePNW, dry and warm to the south shifting to moderate cold fronts late in the week.

MT/High Plains �" Cool and dry to north early, then very unsettled, CO to OK.

Mid Continent - Dry and warm northern Corn Belt early, then continued dry to the north and east but unsettled with fronts across the Gulf Coast later in the week.

East Coast �"High and dry early then good rains, cooler, late in week, VA to NY.



May 2005 week 4

A significant shift to high-pressure should spread across the whole continent as the week progresses. This pattern should push the storm jet to the north and bring up temperatures across the more southerly regions from the West Coast to the East coast. The only cold intrusion into the continent should be in the Northeast.

West Coast - Look for dry and warmer conditions in the PNW and CA, with the storm jet into Alaska.

MT/High Plains - Dry and warmer to the south. Watch for a high to spread from west to east late in the week.

Mid Continent - Warmer to the south with high-pressure spreading across the Corn Belt as the week progresses, then cooler with fronts to eastern belt, 27th and 28th.

East Coast - Cooler on east coast to the north with moderate to good rains VA to ME 29th and 30th. Warm and dry to the southeast.