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August weekly predictions - 07.18.05

Weekly predictions for the month of August 2005.



August 2005 week 1
The beginning of the week should see a growth of high-pressure centering in the southern High Plains grow to the north and east pushing the storm jet farther to the north as the week progresses.

West Coast �" Unsettled in the PNW early, weak to moderate rains later in the week, temperate in the south.

MT/High Plains - Weak fronts early to the north, high-pressure over Texas should spread north and east throughout the week.

Mid Continent - Warm and dry to the south and east, weak to moderate fronts from the 5th to 7th in the northeast.

East Coast �" High pressure from the southeast most of the week with some rains late in week mid Atlantic states.



August 2005 week 2
A strong shift at the end of the first week should bring the jet stream farther south in the East Pacific for some frontal passages. This jet stream placement should also set up a zonal flow across the northern tier. There should also be a low-pressure center over New England that will intercept the zonal flow and translate it into moderate rains early in the next week.

West Coast - Weak fronts PNW, dry and temperate to the south.

MT/High Plains - Thunderstorms Dakotas to Nebraska 12th to 14th.

Mid Continent - Thunderstorms Chicago to Ohio 12th and 14th.

East Coast - Clear and cool early, unsettled late in week



August 2005 week 3
Look for early rains in the NE with a shift on the 17th that should allow a low-pressurea area to drop into the Mid West for some significant late week rains. At the same time a high over the Gulf Coast should keep the storm jet from dropping too far south. The result should be a storm track from Kansas to NJ at week�(tm)s end.

West Coast - Unsettled to the north, dry and temperate to the south.

MT/High Plains - Unsettled early in the week, warmer and drier after the18th in the northern High Plains.

Mid Continent �"Look for warmth with high-pressure to emerge from the southwest and cover the Gulf Coast. The storm track should stretch from Kansas to NJ.

East Coast �"Cool fronts with moderate rains early to the north, then warmer with fronts from NJ to ME from the 19th to 21st.



August 2005 week 4
A similar pattern to last week over the continent should continue bringing rains on a line between Kansas and NJ. Warmth and high-pressure to the south should keep the storm jet from dropping to the Gulf Coast.

West Coast - Unsettled PNW, temperate to the south.

MT/High Plains �" A look for strong fronts from Alberta to track horizontally across the eastern third of the nation in the later half of the week. Expect enhanced disturbances between the 21st to 25th and 29th to 31st.

Mid Continent - Strong cold front 26th to 30th in the northwest Corn Belt, tapering into moderate rains in the Ohio Valley.

East Coast �" Look for a strong cold front from NJ to ME, with moderate to good rains from the 27th to the 30th.