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Outlook December 2005 - 11.27.05

The general weather outlook for December 2005



December 2005 week 1
Look for a high to push up into the Aleutians as the polar jet moves down into Vancouver and the Northern mountain states. Once on the continent the track should pass through the Central States with a strong surge of cold temperatures and storm energy in the Corn Belt at the end of the first week
West Coast -High into the western Gulf of Alaska, cooler. north and south on the West Coast.

MT/High Plains -Strong cold and storms from British Columbia, track should be from the Dakotas to Kansas,early and late.

Mid Continent - Cold with strong snow storm from Kansas to Great Lakes, early and late.

East Coast �" Strong storm late in week or early in the next week, CT to ME.



December 2005 week 2
Look for the storm jet on the West Coast to drop to the south bringing rains into N California and the PNW. A zonal flow across the continent should bring the storm track horizontally across the northern tier of states with a storm center between the Great Lakes and New England. Look for the cold temperatures to shift to the East Coast rather than the Mid West.

West Coast - Warmer with intermittent fronts PNW and N CA.

MT/High Plains - Warmer with intermittent fronts to the north.

Mid Continent - Warmer and wet, eastern belt, late in the week.

East Coast �" Possible nor�(tm)easter Mid Atlantic states, 12th to 14th.



December 2005 week 3
Look for continued zonal flow across the western part of the continent with a late week storm center over the PNW and a stong event from Minnesota to the Great Lakes from the 17th to the 19th.

West Coast - Weak to moderate fronts, north and south early in the week. high builds to the north later in the week.

MT/High Plains - Intermittent fronts, north and south, early then late.

Mid Continent - Alberta Clippers should bring wet conditions into the Great Lakes midweek.

East Coast - Warmer with intermittent fronts late in the week, Mid Atlantic states.



December 2005 week 4
High pressure should surge north over the West Coast bringing up temperatures to the south and dropping temperatures on the continent. Look for strong cold into the Midwest.

West Coast -High to north, weak fronts PNW, dry and warmer to the south.

MT/High Plains - Storms with snow over the northern High Plains 26th to 28th.

Mid Continent - Storms with rain /snow from the Central States to the Great Lakes, 28th to 30th.

East Coast - Storms into New England, late in the week or early the next week.