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February Outlook - 01.21.06

Weekly trends for February 2006



week 1 Look for a more zonal flow across the northern tier. A high latitude ridge over the Maritimes should bring cold down into the Ohio Valley again but the west should be temperate from the PNW to Minnesota. A high off of San Diego is likely to keep temperatures up on the West Coast.

West Coast- Look for unsettled weather in the PNW and possibly to the south.

Mountain/High Plains- Some disturbances near Alberta may send fronts across the northern tier but they are most likely to be weak to moderate.

Mid-Continent �" As Alberta fronts approach the Great Lakes look for strengthening and cooling to occur.

East Coast- Once again the storm center is likely to be from the Ohio Valley to New Jersey and points north.



week 2 A strong high-pressure influence should arise over the Eastern Pacific this week. Look for much colder temperatures into the PNW and northern mountain states after the 10th. Storm centers should be over the Great Basin and from the Great Lakes to New England.

West Coast �" Expect clear and milder conditions to the south with moderate cold fronts into the PNW after the10th

Mountain/High Plains- A storm track from the northwest into the Great Basin should bring cold fronts in the later half of the week. Expect clear and temperate conditions in the southern Plains.

Mid-Continent- Storm track to the north with disturbances from the Great Lakes to New England at the end of the week or early in the next.

East Coast- Look for disturbances from the Great Lakes to New England at the end of the week or early in the next.



week 3 A shift should bring cold fronts into the PNW and N CA late in the week with another storm center on the eastern seaboard early in the week.

West Coast- Storms and cold into the PNW and N CA should increase as the week develops. Look for the jet to drop to the south but not much below Sacramento.

Mountain/High Plains- Cold and storms in Idaho should weaken as they pass through high-pressure over the northern Plains States.

Mid-Continent �" Storm tracks for the week should be farther to the south than last week with a storm center over the Mississippi Valley.

East Coast- Look for weak fronts early in the week with seasonal temperatures on the Mid Atlantic coast



week 4 Watch for the high over the E Pacific to push the polar jet to the north and drop the storm track through the Great Basin. A storm here in the beginning of the week should move quickly into Denver and from there move into the Great Lakes and intensify over the Ohio Valley. The northeast should get wetness out of this at the end of the month.

West Coast- High-pressure should push the jet to the north, look for cool to the north and temperate to the south.

Mountain/High Plains- the storm track through the Great Basin should be cold and intense in the first half of the week

Mid-Continent- Look for a cold storm from Denver to intensify over the Ohio Valley at midweek

East Coast- Rain in the northeast should finish out the month.