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April 2006 weekly forecasts - 03.17.06

The weekly upcoming forecasts for April 2006.



week 1- High-pressure over the West and the High Plains should steer the Pacific jet stream into the PNW with little weather below Grants Pass. From there the jet should go across Canada and then down into the northern Mississippi Valley providing weak to moderate cold fronts in the eastern third of the nation.

West Coast- Look for moderate fronts to the PNW at midweek while it gets gradually warmer to the south on the West Coast.

Mountain/High Plains- High pressures and warming temperatures should dominate the Mountain states and the High Plains, north and south

Mid-Continent �" Dry and warm to the southwest and central states getting progressively cooler to the north near to the Great Lakes.

East Coast- Look for fronts and cooler temperatures from the Mid Atlantic states into New England late in the week.



week 2- A similar pattern to last week should occur this week. A high-pressure center over the High Plains should keep the weather there dry and warm once again. Two low-pressure centers, one over the PNW and another one over the Great Lakes will be the focal centers of moderate storm energies.

West Coast- Look for moderate fronts in the PNW and possibly Mt. Shasta, late in the week.

Mountain/High Plains- Look for dry and warm conditions to the south with moderate frontal activity to the north at the end of the week.

Mid-Continent- Look for moderate fronts in the northeastern Corn Belt near to the 13th with dry and warm conditions in the south and west.

East Coast- Look for cool conditions with weak to moderate fronts between the Mid Atlantic states and the Northeast.



week 3-For a third week it looks like the jet stream pattern should hold to a high-pressure center over the High Plains with active storm centers in the Northwest and Northeast. This week the frontal passages should be stronger than last week since the moon is transiting the continent between the 17th and the 21st. There is a good chance for a split jet stream with one leg going north through the PNW and another bringing low-pressure centers to the Denver area.

West Coast- Cool with moderate to strong fronts in the PNW and possibly south to Mt. Shasta between the 17th and the 19th.

Mountain/High Plains- Moderate fronts should bring quick moving systems north and south at midweek or later.

Mid-Continent �"Look for moderate to strong fronts from Denver to the Great Lakes area, later in the week

East Coast- Cool and wet in the northeast at week�(tm)s end



week 4-Look for cold breakouts from the north in the northern Midwest at the beginning of the week and the end of the week. Otherwise the same pattern as last week should dominate except that transiting fronts should be much more dynamic.

West Coast- Cool in the PNW with frontal passages and seasonable to the south

Mountain/High Plains- Early disturbances should yield to clear and dry in the south, after the 23rd.

Mid-Continent- Watch for intense storms early in the north; then high-pressure with warming, late

East Coast- Early storms, Mid Atlantic states to Northeast should fade at month�(tm)s end