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weekly predictions for May 2006 - 04.16.06

A look ahead at upcoming weather events.



week 1- A complex shift should change the patterns to low pressure east and west. Look for the jet stream to track horizontally across the northern tier of states bringing weak lows in its wake.

West Coast- Look for weak lows to cross the PNW after the 3rd

Mountain/High Plains- Expect weak lows to the north in the mountains and dryness to the south after the 3rd

Mid-Continent �" Look for weak lows and cooler central states, dry to the south

East Coast- Expect weak to moderate lows into the northeast, with dryness to the south



week 2- A strong shift to high-pressure in the 9th should push the polar jet to the north on the West Coast. Watch for cooler temperatures in the Midwest and East Coast, and warmer temperatures over the west.

West Coast- Warmer and clear to the north and south

Mountain/High Plains �" Cold with moderate snow in the northern mountains 8th to 10th

Mid-Continent- Cold fronts Dakotas to Central States 10th to 12th

East Coast- Cold fronts with moderate rains Mid Atlantic states at week�(tm)s end, dry to the south



week 3 �"Look for very unsettled weather across the continent the whole week. Storms should be moderate but widespread.

West Coast- Look for moderate to strong fronts from the PNW to Mt. Shasta, from the 16th to the 18th

Mountain/High Plains-Moderate fronts and unsettled conditions 17th to 19th

Mid-Continent �" Look for widespread, moderate rains in the Corn Belt from the 18th to the 20th

East Coast- Late fronts in the Mid Atlantic states with moderate rains



week 4- A shift to high-pressure over the PNW should bring cooler temperatures into the Great Lakes this week. Look for higher temperatures and clearing on the West Coast, heat in the mountains and then cooler with some rains in the Central States. The Northeast should be cool and unsettled with moderate rains.

West Coast- Warm and clear to the south with moderate fronts north of Mt. Shasta

Mountain/High Plains- Warmer and clear in the mountains and southern High Plains.

Mid-Continent- Cooler with moderate fronts from Minnesota to the Central States.

East Coast- Cool with fronts into the Northeast and the Mid Atlantic seaboard.