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Predictions for June 2006 - 05.30.06

The upcoming weather patterns for June 2006



week 1- High-pressure should grow over the mountains in the west and the Great Plains continuing warm and dry conditions here. From St Louis east, look for cool and wet conditions from the Great Lakes to the Ohio Valley. The west should be warm and dry, the east cool and wet.

West Coast- Clear to the south with moderate to weak fronts into PNW

Mountain/High Plains- High and dry in the mountains and the High Plains

Mid-Continent �" Cool and wet from the Great Lakes to the Ohio Valley

East Coast- Cool and wet from the Northeast to the Mid Atlantic states



week 2- Look for an increase in heat and dryness in the western half of the country. Only the Northeast should see some moderate moisture and average temperatures.

West Coast- Warm and dry north and south

Mountain/High Plains - Hot and dry in the mountains and the High Plains

Mid-Continent- Hot and dry from Iowa south in the Corn Belt

East Coast- Hot and dry from the Mid Atlantic states, cool and moderate Northeast



week 3 Look for high-pressure on the West Coast to push the jet up into western Canada. This should raise temperatures on the coast and bring cool and wet conditions to the Midwest and the Mississippi Valley.

West Coast- Warmth increases in the PNW ; heat builds in California

Mountain/High Plains- Warm over the mountains; cooling into the High Plains

Mid-Continent �" Cool with moderate fronts Great Lakes to the Appalachians

East Coast- Cool to the north with rain down to the Mid Atlantic states.



week 4- A shift over the continent should dry out the East Coast but enhance rain from Minnesota to the Great Lakes

West Coast- Continued warm and drier than last week

Mountain/High Plains- Hot to the south but cool and moist in the Dakotas

Mid-Continent- Heat from the south meets cool from the north, widespread fronts across the Corn Belt

East Coast- Clear and warm from the Mississippi east early, then rain to the South late