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July 2006 weekly weather predictions - 06.20.06

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week 1 -A strong shift in the patterns should drive the jet to the north in the Eastern Pacific bringing cold into the west and turbulent fronts across the northern tier of states. First heat then cold should be the pattern for the Midwest.

West Coast- Cool in the PNW and N CA after the 3rd

Mountain/High Plains- Warm to south then cool to the north at midweek

Mid-Continent �" Storm across the northern tier at week's end, much cooler Gt Lakes; dry / hot to south

East Coast- Warm to the south, cool and unsettled to the north, late



week 2 - Patterns similar to last week should continue with high-pressure over the west and cold moving into the middle of the continent.

West Coast- Warm and dry to the south; cooler, north

Mountain/High Plains- Hot and dry the whole week

Mid-Continent- Cool / dry central states, turbulent Great Lakes

East Coast- Dry to the south with weak fronts and cooler to the north at week's end



week 3 A nodal shift on the 12th, and a Mars influence from the Pacific side should kick up the Gulf of Mexico monsoon into the Four Corners area. Look for continued dry and hot on the west coast and cool and wet conditions in the Northeast.

West Coast- Dry and hot North and South

Mountain/High Plains- Wet in the southern Plains and dry in the mountain west

Mid-Continent �" Dry and cool to the north and central states, fronts CO to OK

East Coast- Wet and cool in the Northeast



week 4- High-pressure should dominate the Midwest with brief incursions of fronts in the northern mountains late in the week. Inter-mountain monsoon patterns should be accompanied by unsettled weather from the PNW making the mountains a likely source of turbulence after the 25th.

West Coast- High and dry N and S 21-25, fronts and cooler late in week

Mountain/High Plains- Hot and dry N and S until 25th, Denver monsoon late in week

Mid-Continent- Widespread hot and dry early, fronts south later

East Coast- Cool NE hot and dry south