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August forecasts - 08.11.06

Extended forecast for the month of August



week 1- High-pressure should still dominate the Midwest for the first week of August. Look for monsoon patterns in the Plains states but dryness in the Central states and northern Corn Belt.

West Coast- Cooler in the PNW and unsettled; temperate to the south

Mountain/High Plains- Thunderstorms in the High Plains north and south

Mid-Continent �" Hot and dry Central States and Corn Belt

East Coast-Dry to the south; cool, unsettled to the north



week 2- A shift to low pressure in the Pacific should move the storm jet farther south along the coast and then into the Midwest. Look for moderately wet conditions in the Corn Belt and Gulf Coast at midweek. Cooler and unsettled into the PNW.

West Coast-Cooler N and S, 8th and 9th; Fronts PNW

Mountain/High Plains- Fronts in the High Plains N and S; 9th to 10th

Mid-Continent- Moderate to good rains Corn Belt, Central States, Gulf Coast 10th and 11th

East Coast- Fronts in the southeast; dry to N



week 3 A shift in patterns for the node, Saturn and Mars should change the dominant weather to wet and cooler for most of the continent and the PNW. Look for a jet stream from Oregon through the mid-latitude mountains into the Denver area and then across the Central States for widespread rains.

West Coast- Cool with fronts PNW 14th to 20th; cooler to south

Mountain/High Plains- Cool with fronts Idaho to Denver; then dry after midweek

Mid-Continent �"Early moderate rains Central States; dry after 17th

East Coast- Cool and moist north and south all week



week 4 High pressure forming in the High Plains will change the jet stream pattern this week. Look for temperate conditions in the west, wet to the south and dry to the north on the Plains. Showers and cool temperatures in the Corn Belt should intensify to rains in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic states.

West Coast- Temperate north and south, unsettled PNW

Mountain/High Plains- Dry and cool in the northern high Plains; wet and warm to the south

Mid-Continent- Cool to the north and dry to the south with weak fronts in the Corn Belt

East Coast- Wet and cool in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic states