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September 2006 outlooks - 08.20.06

Weekly forecasts for September 2006



week 1- Temperate in the west with early fronts to the north; then clearing. High-pressure in the High Plains and Mississippi valley should keep things dry on the continent east of the Rockies.

West Coast- Temperate north and south, early fronts in the PNW, then warm and dry

Mountain/High Plains- Fronts Denver and north early; then clearing

Mid-Continent �" Strong high Rockies to Ohio; dry and warm

East Coast-Strong high early should drift late; look for hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico after the 4th



week 2- Strong pattern shift from eclipse on 7th. High dissolves over Midwest. Fronts in Northwest, late. Corn Belt much cooler.

West Coast- Seasonal temperatures with weak fronts N. Warm to the south

Mountain/High Plains- Clear and warm southern High Plains; Fronts to north after 11th

Mid-Continent- Cooler in Midwest, high breaks down, fronts Great Lakes

East Coast- Cooler with fronts, Washington DC and north after 11th



week 3 Strong high-pressure over the eastern Pacific should bring cooler temperatures into the Midwest and east coast while the West Coast remains warm and clear.

West Coast- Clear and warm on the West Coast

Mountain/High Plains- Clear and warm in the southwest. Cooler in the northern Plains

Mid-Continent �" much cooler with widespread wet, Corn Belt

East Coast- Cool and moist, Atlantic seaboard



week 4 The eclipse will shift the dominant weather making patterns to the west. The ridge forming should center on the Great Basin instead of the High Plains. A trough for lows to enter the West Coast should form along the coast instead of the Great Basin bringing storms into Texas. The continental trough should form west of the Corn Belt with strong cold into the southeast and a storm track into the mid Atlantic states instead of the Northeast.

West Coast- Fronts from PNW into N Cal after 23rd

Mountain/High Plains- Dry to north and wet to southern Plains

Mid-Continent- Dry and cool to north; wet Gulf coast and Central States

East Coast- Wet to southeast and mid Atlantic states; dry and cold to North