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March forecasts - 02.27.07

Predictions for March 2007



week 1 An eclipse in the first week should stimulate some weather energies. Look for highs over the southern Plains and the southeast. A northerly placed jet should bring unsettled weather to the PNW and the Corn Belt, especially for the eastern sections.

West Coast- Warmer and drier south of Mt, Shasta; unsettled PNW

Mountain/High Plains-Warmer / drier to S, fronts to N

Mid-Continent �" Cooler with fronts Gt. Lakes and Central States; wetter to the east

East Coast- Dry to the SE; cool and wet, Mid Atlantic states



week 2 Mercury on station and Saturn moving in arc should stimulate strong north/south oscillations of the jet stream. Look for troughs on both coasts with a ridge over the High Plains.

West Coast- Cold/ wet - N and S

Mountain/High Plains- Wet and mild to N in Mts.; cold and dry High Plains

Mid-Continent- Strong storms western Corn Belt and Central States; early to midweek.

East Coast- Cold with rain, possible nor'easter to NE; late



week 3 The lunar passage should accompany an early week storm across the Gulf Coast as high-pressure follows in the wake of the storm across the continent after mid-week.

West Coast- Drier and milder N and S after midweek

Mountain/High Plains- Early fronts to S; then dry N and S

Mid-Continent �" Rain to S midweek; cool to N

East Coast- Rains into Mid Atlantic states; late



week 4 Mars approaching the eclipse points should keep the West Coast dry and the Mid West the site of intermittent frontal activity.

West Coast- Dry to N , intermittent fronts to S ; midweek

Mountain/High Plains- Dry to N and S

Mid-Continent- Cool with moderate fronts, Gt. Lakes to Central States

East Coast- Dry to SE, warm with intermittent fronts N; early and late