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May forecasts - 04.24.07

Doc Weather forecasts for May 2007



week 1 The node and Jupiter both split the eclipse points to high and low pressure values. Look for high-pressure over the western third of the continent and a classic storm track from the central plains to the NE.

West Coast- Mild and dry N and S

Mountain/High Plains- Mild / dry in Mt. States, cold / N and S, Plains States

Mid-Continent �" Cold / unsettled / fronts Central Plains to OH, dry to S

East Coast- Cool / fronts into NE, dry to SE



week 2 Uranus moves in the eclipse points bringing low pressure to the Great Basin and high-pressure to the Midwest. Coolness with disturbances should prevail to the south in the West and in the Southeast.

West Coast- Cool / wet PNW and south; early, then clearing

Mountain/High Plains- Cool / wet, N and S in the Mts. early; then milder / dry in N Plains

Mid-Continent- Clear / warm, N and S early; then late fronts to the east

East Coast- Cool to NE and Mid Atlantic states; possible strong storm midweek in the SE.



week 3 Jupiter in the west and the node in the east should dominate the chart. Look for high-pressure to grow in the western half of the continent. This should contrast to wet conditions in the eastern third of the country.

West Coast- Warm / dry to S; intermittent fronts to N

Mountain/High Plains- Dry / mild; ridge builds from Mts. to High Plains

Mid-Continent �" Fronts in Gt. Lakes and Central States; showers to S

East Coast- Rains / cool NE; showers / mild SE



week 4- A complex of Neptune, Mars Jupiter and the node will keep things unsettled for this week. Look for a shift at midweek for most established patterns.

West Coast- Cool / fronts early to N; then jet to the S

Mountain/High Plains- Mild / clear early; then jet to S after midweek

Mid-Continent- Cool / wet Gt. Lakes; showers to S then clear

East Coast- Wet NE; dry SE, track from Central States to Mid Atlantic states