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August forecasts - 07.30.07

August long range forecast

Weekly Predictions for August 2007



week 1- A complex week with many motions should produce a pattern with troughs in the Northeast and in the Northwest with a persistent ridge over the High Plains and western portions of the Corn Belt.

West Coast- Jet to S, late, with fronts into PNW and N California

Mountain/High Plains- Fronts to N, late; dry to S

Mid-Continent �" Dry / warm, Plains States; fronts Gt. Lakes

East Coast- Moderate fronts NE and Mid Atlantic Coast; dry to SE



week 2 Venus and Saturn on the western points combine to support high pressure over the eastern Gulf of Alaska late in the week. The ridge in the High Plains should persist and grow eastward into the Corn Belt with a trough over the Northeast.

West Coast- Cool / fronts to N early; then dry N and S late

Mountain/High Plains- Weak fronts, N Mts. early; then dry / warm N and S

Mid-Continent- Dry / warm with possible weak fronts late in Central States

East Coast-Weak fronts to NE and Mid Atlantic states; dry to SE



week 3 The node continues to support high-pressure over the High Plains and western Corn Belt. Look for a trough in the NE to produce some weather there.

West Coast- Warm and dry, N and S

Mountain/High Plains- Warm and dry, N and S

Mid-Continent �" Cool / fronts in northeast Gt. Lakes, warm / dry western Corn Belt

East Coast- Cool / fronts NE and Mid Atlantic coast; dry to SE



week 4 High-pressure at mid continent should keep things dry from California to Kansas. Look for the southeast and possibly the northwest to be the only wet sections of the country.

West Coast- Wet / cool to N but dry / hot to S

Mountain/High Plains- Hot / dry to S.; fronts to N in Mts.

Mid-Continent- Hot and dry, N and S. Possible fronts east of Gt. Lakes

East Coast- High / Maritimes jet to S.; Wet SE