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september outlook - 08.31.07

The weather outlook for September 2007

Weekly Predictions for September 2007



week 1An eclipse on August 28 will shift the patterns from summer to fall. Look for shift to more temperate patterns in the Midwest.

West Coast- Warm / dry N and S, early; fronts PNW and N CA late

Mountain/High Plains- Cool / wet N and S in Mts.; dry / S Plains

Mid-Continent �" Dry / hot S Plains, wetter Central States / Ohio valley

East Coast- Cooler / wet to SE; wet / mid Atlantic to NE



week 2 The transition time between eclipses is often unpredictable. Look for early rains in the Northeast, and across the Gulf States with disturbances coming out of Denver.

West Coast- Rains to N; warm / dry to S

Mountain/High Plains- Blustery fronts 11-14, cold / wet W; dry NE Mts.

Mid-Continent- weak/ moderate fronts Denver to Central States, late

East Coast- Weak /moderate fronts / late, Gulf Coast across SE



week 3 The new eclipse points should exert a strong influence over the Great Basin this winter. In the third week of September look for high-pressure along the west Coast to push up into Alaska and bring storms into the PNW. Fronts with rains into the southeast should accompany the lunar transit of the continent this week.

West Coast- Rain PNW; warm / dry to S

Mountain/High Plains- Cool / fronts N High Plains, storm Denver 22-23; warm / dry S

Mid-Continent �" Cool Dakotas to Central States / fronts Gulf Coast 22-24

East Coast- Cool / dry NE; warm / wet SE, 23 - 25



week 4 A strong shift for Jupiter should bring into play surging high-pressure areas over the eastern Gulf of Alaska and the central Canadian Plains. Watch for stormy weather along the West Coast, and a track from the Central States to the Mid Atlantic seaboard.

West Coast- Jet to the S, cooler / strong rains PNW to moderate rains Mt Shasta.

Mountain/High Plains- Fronts Denver and N; dry to the S

Mid-Continent- Moderate / strong rains Central States / Ohio Valley

East Coast- Warm / wet SE; cool / wet Mid-Atlantic coast, possible nor'easter