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October Outlook - 10.04.07

The outlook for October 2007.

Weekly Predictions for October 2007



week 1 Uranus and the lunar node should team up to provide a strong surge of high-pressure along the West Coast. Look for the storm jet to shift to the south out of the Gulf of Alaska with a storm track into Denver.

West Coast- Jet to S, weak fronts PNW / N CA midweek

Mountain/High Plains- Cool / fronts PNW to CO

Mid-Continent �"Fronts / rain Denver to Central States

East Coast- Warm / wet Mid Atlantic and S; cool / dry NE



week 2 Look for a pattern similar to last week on the continent. Expect weaker fronts in the PNW.

West Coast- Cool / weak fronts to N; warm / dry to S

Mountain/High Plains- Cool / weak fronts PNW to CO

Mid-Continent- Warm / moderate rains, CO to Ohio Valley

East Coast- Warm / wet SE; cool / dry NE



week 3 A zonal pattern should arise this week with a rapidly moving Alberta Clipper across the northern tier as the dominant feature.

West Coast- Mild PNW with rapidly moving front; warm to S and clear

Mountain/High Plains- Rapid / weak fronts to N, cooling late; mild to S

Mid-Continent �" Rapid , weak fronts to N, wet / warm to S, cooling late

East Coast- Cool to N with fronts / late; warm / moist to S/ late



week 4- Similar pattern of Alberta clippers across the northern tier this week but with a shallower track.

West Coast- Moderate fronts PNW / possibly N CA, midweek

Mountain/High Plains- Dry / mild S; moderate fronts N after 26th

Mid-Continent- Moderate / strong fronts N tier; dry / mild to S

East Coast- Storm NE and mid Atlantic coast; mild / wet SE