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December forecasts - 12.03.07

December 2007 forecasts.



week 1 Jupiter, should influence the jet on the west coast to drop to the south with weak fronts. Look for weak fronts from Texas to the Appalachians,

West Coast- Jet to S, weak to moderate fronts, dry to N

Mountain/High Plains- Weak to moderate fronts SW, cold / dry N

Mid-Continent �" Weak fronts Texas to Pennsylvania

East Coast- Weak fronts Appalachians and NE



week 2 The lunar transit of the continent from midweek should provide for a rapidly moving Denver storm to move through the Midwest at week�(tm)s end.

West Coast- Jet to N, mild / dry N and S; offshore low into S coast late

Mountain/High Plains- Mild in Mts; cold / storm near Denver 12th to 14th

Mid-Continent- Storm, Denver to Ohio, end of week

East Coast- Weak fronts most of the week, mid Atlantic states



week 3 Saturn moving in arc along with the lunar node should shift the storm jet in the Midwest into an active mode with storms from the High Plains to the mid Atlantic states.

West Coast- Early fronts in PNW and N CA; clearing and warmer, late

Mountain/High Plains- Unsettled in the N High Plains early; milder with clearing late

Mid-Continent �" Early moderate fronts MN to OH, late cold into Gulf Coast

East Coast- Dry SE, cold fronts OH to PA with snow



week 4 Little change should happen until late in the week as a nodal shift continues the values of last week.

West Coast- Early fronts PNW and N CA; dry to S

Mountain/High Plains- Dry / mild so S, unsettled to N

Mid-Continent- Unsettled early, fronts MN to OH

East Coast- Fronts midweek and late, mid Atlantic states