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January weekly predictions. - 12.15.04



January 2005 week 1 when the smoke goes west ,good weather is past

West Coast - The polar jet from the Gulf of Alaska into the PNW should bring good rains to PNW and N Ca. between the 2nd and the 4th.

MT/High Plains - From a storm center in Alberta Canada look for wet storms with snow in the mountains and the northern High Plains. There is a good chance for a split jet into the southwest.

Mid Continent �" Fronts to the north with rain at midweek then colder later in the week. A split jet should bring fronts into Texas.

East Coast �" Fronts with rain late in the week into the Northeast also a possible nor'easter.



Jan. 2005 week 2 a cow with its tail to the east makes weather a beast

West Coast - An el nino like pattern should drop the E Pacific polar jet to the south on the West Coast bringing early week rain and storm to the PNW and N CA.

MT/High Plains - Look for an intensifying storm into the Denver area, 11th and 12th.

Mid Continent - Storm with rain tracking from Kansas into the Smokies. 12th and 13th

East Coast - A wet storm on the east coast at week�(tm)s end across the Mid Atlantic states.



Jan 2005 week 3 light rains last long, hard rains are soon gone

West Coast -Substantial rains in the PNW and south into California below Mt. Shasta between the 15th and the 18th. This will resemble an El Nino pattern.

MT/High Plains �" The polar jet across the Pacific should move horizontally across the US bringing fronts into Denver on the 17th and 18th.

Mid Continent - Dry and temperate conditions to the south with snow Chicago to Ohio near 17th and 18th.

East Coast - Good chance for rains/snow from Washington DC to NY late in the week.



Jan 2005 week 4 the north wind is bitter black and blustery- Spenser

West Coast �" A high should push up into Alaska sending the polar jet down the West Coast, expect wet fronts into PNW and N CA, with a split jet coming out of the PNW.

MT/High Plains - Look for a cold wave with potential for a blizzard across the MT/High Plains area between the 25th and the 27th.

Mid Continent - Look for a strong cold surge to the south after the 25th, with a big storm in Mid Continent 27- 28.

East Coast - Trough on the East coast, cold from Mid Atlantic states to NE with snow late in week.