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Hurricane Update - 10.05.05

Action on the new jet curve promises to keep things lively on the Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Tammy is now tracking the new jet curve as the storm moved inland across extreme northeastern Florida today. The new jet curve crosses the Gulf Coast approximately at the western end of the Florida panhandle. Tammy is presently expected to dissipate approximately when it reaches the jet curve in 24 hrs over western Georgia. A new disturbance in the southwestern Caribbean Sea is now moving north towards the new jet curve. This disturbance is just south of the western tip of Cuba. There is potential for this system to track into the new jet curve since that longitude is the placement of the loop eddy in the Gulf of Mexico. This jet curve should stay potent for low- pressure values for a long while since it is being influenced by the lunar node that is on station at a low-pressure value to the new eclipse point. This means that the area around the Florida panhandle will be a select target of storms as long at they are entering the eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico. High-pressure from the west (Texas) should keep the northern part of the Gulf coast locked into high-pressure patterns that will most likely support easterly flows across the Florida Keys and the northeastern portions of the Gulf. There should be no significant shift in this pattern until the next eclipse on October 17th.