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Soybean Weather - 07.14.04

This ridge in the Midwest should become more than a blip on the radar screens of the commodity traders at CBOT.



Doc Weather is watching the Midwest at this critical time in the soybean and corn year for signs of drought or flood. Starting this week a blocking ridge was established over the High Plains pushing the temperatures up from Denver to Kansas City. This block is forming over the High Plains in response to a high-pressure influence from Jupiter over the western pair of eclipse points. The 72�° jet curves from these points run from the Sonoran Desert to Minnesota as can be seen on the accompanying chart. Jupiter is over Indonesia but through a harmonic relationship to the eclipse points over Indonesia, a recent motion in arc on the 11th was accompanied by a strong ridge building event over the High Plains.

Doc Weather has reason to believe that the present ridge is not the one to look out for since in the third week of July both Jupiter that is harmonic to the western pair and the lunar node that is harmonic to the eastern pair over West Africa will temper the ridge into an intermittent stage. This should bring in some weather into the Midwest late in the month. Don't let this fool you. There is strong reason to believe that the block will once again assert itself after the first of August as Jupiter asserts itself in the west. Jupiter is persistently in support of blocking ridges and when it is in a favorable position like it is now, then the high-pressure over the High Plains should become more than a blip on the radar screens of the commodity traders at CBOT.