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Recent Floods in the Northeast - 07.18.04

Recent floods in the Northeast were predicted by Doc Weather in March of 2003.



Recent floods in the Northeast were the result of a strong shift in patterns for Jupiter that created what climatologists call zonal flow across the Nation. In zonal flow the storms ride across the top of the United States and then drop into the Northeast bringing lake effect snows in fall and winter and severe thunderstorms along the Atlantic coast in summer. The jet stream across the Northern Tier of states can be seen in the chart. Medford Lakes, outside of Philadelphia received 13" of rain in one day on the 13th of July, breaking many dams that had been in place for decades in this picturesque, wooded, community. Doc Weather had called for strong thunderstorms into the Northeast late in the week. This prediction was made in March 2003.

The planetary flux chart for this event shows the 72�° jet curves from the western pair of eclipse points responding to a Jupiter motion in arc event on the 11th of July, with a strong high-pressure impulse. The previously placed moderate high in the western Gulf of Mexico responded to these Jupiter motions by linking to the Bermuda high in the east and creating a strong high-pressure bubble of air across the whole southern portion of the United States. This pushed the jet stream far to the north and created the zonal flow pattern that led to the flooding.