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June Floods in Texas - 06.14.04

Floods in the middle of June on the Gulf Coast were linked to the motions of the moon.

In the beginning of the second week of June 2004 strong storms raked the Gulf Coast bringing floods to parts of Texas and Oklahoma. These storms were fed by a very active Gulf of Mexico monsoon pattern that is often present at this time of year. Even though the rains are falling in Texas the monsoon pattern itself is driven by the Bermuda High in the western Atlantic. Sometimes the Bermuda High is stationed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. When that happens the Gulf Coast monsoon is idle. Sometimes, however, the Bermuda High draws close to the coast of Florida and then links up to high-pressure in the Gulf of Mexico. When that happens the counter clockwise circulation around the high draws moisture up from the Gulf and into the United States. In the Texas floods this is what happened and it is depicted in the chart.



Also in the image we can see a feature known in Doc Weather as a jet curve . This jet curve is linked to the eastern pair of eclipse points. In early June the lunar node was influencing the jet curve over the Midwest towards high-pressure. The high grew between the two jet curves and pulled the Bermuda High into the western Gulf of Mexico. From there the circulation did the rest. The Bermuda High was originally centered off of the Antilles east of Cuba on the 5th of June. On the 6th of June the node shifted to high-pressure and the two jet curves became active. On the 8th the Moon crossed the node over western Africa and the storms responded on the jet curves by flooding in the area between the jet curves from the eastern pair of eclipse points.