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Frost on the beans. - 08.30.04

Four months ago Doc Weather called for a good chance of an early frost in the High Plains.

Early freeze in high plains. Bulletin for August 30, 2006.

A low pressure area now in transit across the PNW is the last deterrent to the possibiity of a strong linkage between high pressure over the Four Corners area and high pressure over Alaska. The transiting low at the 500 mb level last night was 546mb. This is actually a pretty strong low for this season. Today after Uranus moved and Jupiter moved to high pressure, this low weakened to 552mb.That is the low had a gain in pressure of 6mb in one day, as the low pressure moved towards high pressure.

Two highs over the southwest have linked up and are forming a strong mass of high pressure in the southwest in response to a Uranus station. At the same time, in response to a Jupiter motion in arc on the eclipse points, a high that was transiting the mid Pacific began surging north into the Aleutians. When the weakening low now transiting the PNW, moves out of the way and the Aleutian highs link to the highs in the southwest the jet stream will have a straight shot between Alaska and the Dakotas. This should happen sometime late in the first week of September. Whether the Arctic cold it will get down into Kansas with freezing temperatures is doubtful but the northern High Plains will most likely see some records broken. This will certainly put a strong twist in the corn and soybean market this fall since cold weather all year has kept the growth of the beans very retarded. What is needed now to make the crop is a spate of warm weather to help fill the pods. A frost and a sudden cold snap from the High Plains to the western parts of the Corn Belt will be disastrous for the fall and early winter beans. Doc Weather called this one four months ago.