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March 2006 predictions - 02.22.06

Look here for long range predictions for March 2006



week 1- A shift in the E Pacific jet should bring a change to weaker frontal passages and warmer temperatures on the continent, except for the East Coast that should look for colder temperatures.

West Coast- Look for the jet to move into PNW and possibly N CA for the whole week.

Mountain/High Plains- Weak frontal passages and seasonal temperatures should dominate for the week with high-pressure building over the southern mountains and High Plains

Mid-Continent �"High-pressure over the southern High Plains should spread to the lower Mississippi Valley by the end of the week. Look for frontal passages from the Dakotas to the Central states.

East Coast�"Look for a cold trough to arise after the 4th bringing intermittent fronts into the Mid Atlantic coast at the end of the week



week 2- Look for a continuation of the zonal patterns from last week with more moisture into the PNW, N CA and the Northeast. The high-pressure in the west and the trough over the East Coast should fade and give way to zonal flow across the northern tier of states.

West Coast- Watch for moderate fronts into the PNW, possibly N CA, early in the week.

Mountain/High Plains �" Moderate fronts with rain to the north at midweek.

Mid-Continent- Temperate conditions to the south, with storm center in the Ohio Valley early in the week.

East Coast- Expect wet conditions in the Northeast early and late.



week 3 An eclipse on the 14th should shift the jet stream to the south on the West Coast. Look for a winter type storm as far south as Sacramento.

West Coast- Expect stormy and cool conditions in the PNW and south to central California.

Mountain/High Plains- Look for a winter storm in the northern mountains at midweek, with high-pressure to the south.

Mid-Continent �" Look for high-pressure and warming to dominate the west up to the Mississippi Valley.

East Coast- Expect cooler temperatures and a late week storm from the Mid Atlantic states northward.



week 4- This should be a remarkable week. Look for intense winter like storms on the West Coast and northern Mountain states. Look for a possible low off S CA early in the week. There should also be a strong storm impulse in the northeast with a strong ridge at mid continent.

West Coast-Strong storms PNW and south from the 22nd to the 24th.

Mountain/High Plains- Look for a major storm in the northern Rockies from the 23rd to the 25th.

Mid-Continent- Watch for high-pressure from Denver to the Mississippi valley and cold fronts across the northern tier, with possible winter like storms from the Great Lakes eastward 25th to 27th. Warm to the south.

East Coast- Expect cold, wet storms into the northern sections of the East Coast from the 26th to the 29th.This looks like a nor'easter.