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June weekly forecasts - 05.18.05

The weekly forecasts for June 2005.

June 2005 week 1
A shift in patterns late in May should dominate the first week of June. Look for low-pressure to dominate the PNW and the northern High Plains. A ridge formation over the Northern Midwest should keep that area dry while the southern track should provide moisture for the Gulf Coast.



West Coast - Cool and unsettled PNW, temperate and dry to south.

MT/High Plains �" Cool and moist to north. dry and hot to south.

Mid Continent Warm and wet to southeast Corn Belt, cold and dry to northeast Corn Belt.

East Coast - Early cool and dry to north, gradually very wet and cool, KY to ME later.



June 2005 week 2
A major change in the continental pattern shoud provide for widespread rains on the continent this week as the storm gate in the PNW should swing open supporting a zonal flow across the northern tier of states.

West Coast �" Unsettled to the north after the 11th.

MT/High Plains �" Cool, wet to the north ;dry with weak fronts to the south.

Mid Continent - Widespread rains Kansas to Ohio Valley.

East Coast �"Look for cold and rain from Wash. DC to ME.



June 2005 week 3
Look for the same unsettled pattern across the continent this week as last week. Zonal flow should dominate bringing wet conditions into the Midwest and the far northern sections of the East Coast.

West Coast �" Unsettled PNW and N CA late in week. No real storm activity south of Grant�(tm)s Pass Oregon.

MT/High Plains �" Moderate weather to the north early in the week, then cooler and unsettled after the 19th and 20th.

Mid Continent �" Cool with fronts across the northern tier of states, with rains to the east and north in the Corn Belt, after the 17th.

East Coast �" Cool with fronts, NJ to ME, between the 19th and the 21st.



June 2005 week 4

A strong shift to high pressure in the west and in the east will bracket the continent changing the weather patterns for all sections.

West Coast - Dry and warmer N. Dry and warm S. Possible weak low drifting south as the week progresses.

MT/High Plains - Dry and warm,S early; cooler,High Plains but clear and warm to the south.. Watch for fronts, 24th and 25th tracking into Central States.

Mid Continent �" Blocking ridge over southeast. Expect warm / wet in the Central States, eastward by the 25th and 26th.

East Coast �" Hot SE ,and cool NE , watch for fronts, mid Atlantic states , late