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July Weekly Outlooks - 06.09.05

The weekly outlooks for July 2005.

Weekly predictions July 2005



July 2005 week 1
A dominating high-pressure area should spring up in the East Pacific this week pushing the jet stream to the north. Watch for warming temperatures along the West Coast. A matching high over the southeast US should block the easy passage of fronts from the continent and form a rain bowl stretching from the High Plains to the Ohio Valley.

West Coast �"Warner in the PNW. Dry and hot to the south.

MT/High Plains - Dry to the north, hot and dry to the south.

Mid Continent �" Look for cool air from the Dakotas to flow into the Central States with widespread rain coverage in the Corn Belt.

East Coast - Cool and wet with an East Coast trough supported by a Gulf of Mexico monsoon.



July 2005 week 2
Look for a ridge to build up over the southeastern US, driving the contiental jet stream north in the western third of the country. Look for mild temperatures in the west with wet and cool conditions in the eastern third of the continent.

West Coast �" Look for cold fronts into the PNW and south to Mt. Shasta late in the week.

MT/High Plains �"Dry and warmer to the south, dry and mild in the northern High Plains.

Mid Continent �" Cool and wet in the Great Lakes with storm energies after the 11th. .

East Coast �" Unsettled with fronts in the mid Atlantic states near the 13th.



July 2005 week 3
Look for the zonal pattern to drive deeper into the Corn Belt this week. A trough on the East Coast and a ridge over the PNW should cool temperatures in the Mid West and introduce frontal disturbances once again.

West Coast - Warm and dry north and south.

MT/High Plains - Look for cooling temperatures with some disturbances yeilding moderate rains from the 15th and 16th, in the mountains.

Mid Continent �" Expect weak to moderate rains, to the north western sections of the Corn Belt, with rains becoming more productive in the Central and Eastern belt from the 17th to 19th.

East Coast �" Look for cooler temperatures with moderate to good rains from VA to NY late in week.



July 2005 week 4
Watch for the high over the southwest to move eastward at the beginning of the week. This should initiate the northern retreat of the jet stream bringing more settled weather to the lower latitudes of the continent but moving the jet stream across the norther tier. A storm center in the Dakotas and another in the Northeast should be the disturbance areas this week as the dominant flow turns zonal.

West Coast -Unsettled and cooler PNW weak fronts 22nd and 23rd, cooler to the south and possibly unsettled.

MT/High Plains -Strong storms from the Dakotas to Nebraska from the 21st to the 24th.

Mid Continent �" Cooler and wetter to the north, drier to the Central States and the Ohio Valley..

East Coast �" Cooler with fronts, moderate to good rains in New England 25th to 28th.