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September weekly outlooks - 08.29.05

The weekly forecasts for September 2005



September 2005 week 1
High-pressure should surge to the north in the E Pacific and the Maritime Provinces. Look for the storm jet on the West Coast to drop into the PNW and the eastern third of the continent.

West Coast �" Moderate fronts in the PNW, later in the week, warm and dry to the south.

MT/High Plains - Dry and warmer north and south.

Mid Continent - Possible strong fronts to north and east from the 4th to 7th, dry to the west, and in the Central States.

East Coast �" Colder with possible weak to moderate rains late in the week VA to ME



September 2005 week 2
Look for a blocking high over the western third of the country to fade as a zonal pattern replaces the riedge over the west and the trough over the East Coast.

West Coast - Moderate fronts PNW and possibly N CA early in the week.

MT/High Plains - Weak to moderate fronts to the north over the High Plains .

Mid Continent - Dry to the west. Look for moderate fronts to the Central States and into the Ohio Valley, early and late.

East Coast - Cool with moderate to good late rains NJ to ME.



September 2005 week 3
Look for a continuation of the zonal pattern of the previous week but with a deepening of the low-pressure disturbances over the High Plains. A strong storm center should form over the Dakotas and fronts should track to the Corn Belt and the Mid Atlantic states from this area.

West Coast - Weak to moderate fronts PNW and N CA, jet to the south.

MT/High Plains - Cooler and unsettled early and late, fast moving storms to the north and possibly to the south over the High Plains.

Mid Continent - Cooler with moderate fronts, especially to the north in the Corn Belt, early and late.

East Coast �" Unsettled with fronts to the north after midweek.



September 2005 week 4
High-pressure should surge over the West Coast and the Maritime Provinces dropping the jet stream and temperature on both coasts. Look for cold and unsettled weather over the Mid Atlantic states and warming on the West Coast.

West Coast �" Clear, dry and warmer, from the PNW south to N CA.

MT/High Plains - Dry and warmer early in the week. Moderate fronts 23rd to 26th.

Mid Continent - Cooler with moderate fronts 23rd to 26th, Nebraska to Ohio Valley.

East Coast - Cooler, moderate to good fronts early, Mid Atlantic states. Possible early frost, northern Appalachians.