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November 2005 Weekly Weather Outlook - 10.27.05

November represents a shift in the whole climate regime for North America into a winter storm mode.



November 2005 week 1
High pressure over the Canadian Rockies should surge into Alaska dropping the storm jet on the West Coast. A low path should bring cold into the High Plains with a subsequent low track across the US. This should end in another nor�(tm)easter pattern for the East Coast.

West Coast -Jet to south- fronts into PNW 2nd to 4th. Mixing in central California.

MT/High Plains -Wet and warm to south, wet and cool to north.

Mid Continent �" Cold outbreaks the 2nd thru the 4th with cold fronts MN to IL and south.

East Coast - Trough on East Coast, with a good chance for a nor�(tm)easter either late in the week or early in the next week.



November 2005 week 2
A shift to high-pressure over the Eastern Pacific should bring cold down into the Mountain States and on into the Gulf Coast with rain and ice from OK to VA.

West Coast - Weak fronts early then strong high surge PNW, cold into Northwest after 11th, warmer to the south.

MT/High Plains - Clear and cooler after the 11th into the southern High Plains.

Mid Continent - Strong cold and clear late in the week, north and central belt.

East Coast- Unsettled early, then cooling from north to south, rains southeast.



November 2005 week 3
A shift over the eastern Pacific should dissolve the high over the Aleutians and provide a strong impulse for the polar jet to drop to the south bringing rains down the West Coast. A zonal pattern across the middle of the continent should bring widespread rains to the Northern Plains the Great Lakes region and possible snow to New England.

West Coast -Unsettled early, then moderate/good storms,PNW and N CA, 17-19.

MT/High Plains -Unsettled to north early, then moderate/good storms 18th to 20th.

Mid Continent - Storms to the Northern High Plains, and the Central States, 18th to 20th.

East Coast - Moderate/ good rains/snow New England, late in the week.



November 2005 week 4 november-
A similar zonal pattern to last week should prevail over most of the country with possibly lighter precipitation on the West Coast.

West Coast - Moderate fronts into PNW and N CA, 23rd to 25th.

MT/High Plains - Moderate fronts to north 24th to 28th.

Mid Continent - Moderate fronts across the Great Lakes region, midweek to late.

East Coast -Cold with moderate/good fronts, early then later in the week.