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December forecasts for 2006 - 12.03.06

December forecasts for 2006



week 1 A shift should bring unsettled, frontal type weather to most of the country.

West Coast- Persistent rains N and S; most of the week

Mountain/High Plains- Unsettled, fronts into N High Plains; all week

Mid-Continent �" Unsettled, storm track Dakotas to Central States; all week

East Coast- Unsettled, fronts Mid Atlantic states; all week



week 2 High-pressure building in the west should drive the storm jet to the north. Look for clearing and milder in the west, colder in the N High Plains and cold fronts across the eastern third.

West Coast- High to S moves N, milder and settled

Mountain/High Plains- Milder to S, cold to N with fronts; late

Mid-Continent- Moderate rains, Great Lakes; late

East Coast- Possible moderate rains, Mid Atlantic states



week 3 A strong shift on the 12th should push the western block to the north and the Pacific jet to the south. Look for stormy weather on the West Coast, High Plains, Central States and the Mid Atlantic states.

West Coast- Widespread early rains

Mountain/High Plains- Cold N High Plains, storms CA to Denver

Mid-Continent �" Early storms Dakotas to Central and N Central states

East Coast- Unsettled early, widespread rains Ohio to mid Atlantic states; late



week 4 High-pressure in the Gulf of Alaska and western Canada should bring cold down into the continent on both coasts. Watch for citrus freezes in the southeast.

West Coast- Cold to the N, and mild to the S; after the 23rd

Mountain/High Plains- Cold surge N mountains; midweek

Mid-Continent- Mild to S, cold to N; late

East Coast- Cold, Ohio to Florida; midweek and late