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Denver Blizzard pattern - 12.22.06

Doc Weather predicted the recent blizzard in Denver last August and again this December.

The recent blizzard in Denver was accurately predicted by Doc Weather in the December forecast as storms between California and Denver for the third week of December. This storm was part of a pattern that was forecast last August in the article on
Two Denver Blizzards . The pattern here is not an indicator of a very heavy snow year for the Denver area but it is part of an El Nino pattern where the polar jet stream splits off of the west coast and the southwest is the recipient of a low pressure area that breaks up over the mountains and reforms over Denver in a moisture stream from the Gulf of Mexico. There may be a few more like this one in the pipeline but whether this is a great year for snow in Aspen and Vail remains to be seen. Remember you heard it first on Doc Weather.