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February outlook - 01.29.07

Forecasts for February 2007

Weekly Predictions for February 2007



week 1 High-pressure across the chart should form a ridge from California to Denver. Look for a split jet in the eastern Pacific to bring cold down across the continent. Probable colder temperatures in the eastern third than previously was the case this winter. The storm track from Oklahoma to the Midwest should continue to be problematic.

West Coast- Mild / dry to N, storm jet to S

Mountain/High Plains- Dry and cold to N, southern jet into Texas

Mid-Continent �" Very cold to N, Wet, Gulf States

East Coast- Cold / rain into mid Atlantic coast, colder into NE, cold to SE.



week 2 A shift of Jupiter, Saturn and the lunar node should break up the persistent high-pressure in the eastern Pacific and bring in a horizontal jet stream into the continent for most of the week. The West Coast has a shot at some much needed rain early in this week.

West Coast- Wet / cool PNW and N CA; dry to S

Mountain/High Plains- Dry to S, mild / wet to N

Mid-Continent- Temperate / wet, Gt. Lakes and Central States

East Coast- Temperate / wet, Mid Atlantic coast; dry to S



week 3 Mercury and Venus combine to de -stabilize the storm jet over the High Plains. Look for a strong storm at midweek in the Midwest or High Plains as the moon transits the continent. The E Pacific ridge should re-establish itself this week.

West Coast- High / dry, jet far to the north and south

Mountain/High Plains- Mild / dry to N; storm jet to S Plains

Mid-Continent �" Strong storm midweek, Gt. Lakes to Central States

East Coast- Late strong storm, Mid Atlantic coast and N, dry to S



week 4 Very unsettled patterns from many conflicting motions should strengthen low pressure areas over Hudson Bay and the western Gulf of Alaska. Intermittent frontal patterns should emerge from these areas. The Hawaii ridge may prevent storms from dropping into central California but there is a chance for some rains out of this sequence.

West Coast- Intermittent fronts PNW possibly N CA

Mountain/High Plains- Intermittent fronts to N early

Mid-Continent- Unsettled, with fronts from the N

East Coast- Unsettled with fronts for the whole week.