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April forecasts - 03.28.07

A look at the coming month's potentials.



week 1 Uranus and the node on the eastern points should stimulate strong low latitude high-pressure over the southwest and southeast. Wet areas should be in the Northwest and the Northeast.

West Coast- Cool / wet to N, cool / dry to S

Mountain/High Plains- Dry / warm to S, Late fronts / warm to N

Mid-Continent �" Mild / late showers, Gt. Lakes to Central, dry Gulf Coast

East Coast- Late showers / mild to NE, dry to SE



week 2 - The node and Mars should keep conditions on the continent unsettled for the second week of April. Look for a zonal flow across the north with highs over the southwest and southeast.

West Coast-Unsettled / moderate fronts to N; cool / weak fronts to S

Mountain/High Plains - Mild / showers to N; unsettled / dry to S

Mid-Continent- Warm / unsettled to N; warm / dry to S

East Coast- Mild / wet to NE; dry to S



week 3 Saturn on station and Uranus moving between the eastern eclipse points should form a strong ridge over the High Plains. Look for cool / wet conditions in the northwest and the northeast.

West Coast- Cool / wet to N, warm / dry to S

Mountain/High Plains- Cool / wet N Mts., warm / dry S Mts. and all Plains states

Mid-Continent �"Cool / wet Gt. Lakes to Central states, fronts midweek; dry to S

East Coast- Cool / wet NE, dry to SE; fronts midweek to late



week 4 Pluto, moving in arc, should stimulate strong high pressure over the Northwest and over the southern High Plains. Due to a Mars transit of the eclipse points look for midweek disturbances in the northern Mountain States and the mid Atlantic states

West Coast- Early fronts to S, clear N and S; late

Mountain/High Plains- Cool / fronts, N Mountain States and N High Plains, dry to S

Mid-Continent- Dry to S, weak fronts Gt. Lakes / Central States; late

East Coast- Cool / wet, mid Atlantic States