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June 2007 forecasts - 06.04.07

What to look for in June 2007



week 1 Jupiter and the node are active in the first week of June. Look for a strong high over the High Plains to dominate the continent with warmth as far as the Corn Belt. A high in the Gulf of Alaska should keep temperatures in the PNW on the cool side. The Northeast should be wet and cool.

West Coast- Cool PNW / mild, dry to the S, jet to S late

Mountain/High Plains- Cool / fronts N and S in the Mts.; mild / dry S High Plains

Mid-Continent �" Cool / wet, Gt. Lakes; mild / dry, OK to Mississippi

East Coast- Moderate fronts, NE, dry SE; storm track Central States to Mid Atlantic States



week 2- Pluto and the node should shift the jet. Low latitude highs across the continent should connect keeping the jet to the north in the west and to the south in the Midwest after midweek.

West Coast- Cool / fronts PNW, mild to S early; reverse pattern late

Mountain/High Plains- Hot / dry to S; moderate fronts to N, late

Mid-Continent- Warm / dry S and W, fronts / cool Gt. Lakes / Central States, late

East Coast- Dry / warm SE, wet / cool w fronts NE and Mid Atlantic States



week 3 Uranus, the node and Saturn create a strong shift this week. Look for low-pressure over the West and Southeast accompanied by cool fronts. Zonal flow should dominate the continent with a jet horizontally across the middle latitudes.

West Coast- Jet to S, cooler with fronts N and S

Mountain/High Plains- Fronts to S in Mts.; Dry, S High Plains

Mid-Continent �" Widespread rains, Gt. Lakes and Central States

East Coast- Moderate rains Gulf Coast to NY



week 4 Jupiter and the node are active. High-pressure dissolves and opens the storm door on the West Coast.

West Coast- Cooler with fronts N and S

Mountain/High Plains- Fronts across the northern tier of states

Mid-Continent- Moderate storms, Gt. Lakes and Central States

East Coast- Moderate rain NE and Mid Atlantic coast