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Weekly Predictions February 2005 - 01.14.05

Weekly weather forecasts of the coming month.



Feb 2005 week 1
A shift of the Pacific jet stream should bring Pacific Maritime influences across the northern sections of the west with rains to the north and south on the coast. A horizontal storm track should being moisture across the Great Lakes and into the Mid Atlantic coast above Washington DC.

West Coast- Intermittent fronts to PNW to N CA early in week.

MT/High Plains �" Dry on the northern Plains with moderate fronts to the south early to mid week.

Mid Continent - Strong, fast storm running across the northern states. 3rd to 5th. High pressure over the southeast

East Coast - Wet storm between NJ and MA followed by cold, late in the week.



Feb 2005 week 2
After the 12th watch for hig pressure near to Hudson Bay push the continental jet stream down into the eastern third of the country. Watch high pressure centers near each coast.

West Coast -Mostly settled along the coast. Possible fronts to S early.

MT/High Plains - Colder N High Plains; fronts midweek

Mid Continent - Stormy 11-14 rain mixed with snow eastern Mid Continent.

East Coast - Trough with cold front late in week with rain and snow in the Mid Atlantic states and to the north.



Feb 2005 week 3
A shift in the pattens should bring high-pressure into western Canada and the Maritime Provinces as well as off of the southeast coast. That is a recipe for a nor�(tm)easter to sweep up the East Coast.

West Coast - Expect moderate fronts from PNW south into central CA.

MT/High Plains - Canadian high-pressure should steer a horizontal jet across the mountains and High Plains, cool with light snows Dakotas to Michigan.

Mid Continent - Moderate to strong storms with snows increasing in intensity towards the eastern edge of the Corn Belt. 17th to 20th

East Coast - Cold midweek with storms late from the Mid Atlantic states up the coast into New England.



feb 2005 week 4
A noticeable shift in the jet stream over the Eastern Pacific should keep the storm in a horizontal flow pattern across the continent. Look for the jet to drop to the south on the West Coast.

West Coast - Mild, early; then fronts into PNW late in week.

MT/High Plains -Cold to north, storm jet horizontal across upper US.

Mid Continent - Mild weather on the continent, with the storm jet to north look for frontal disturbances near the Great Lakes with lake effect snows to the east after the 26th.

East Coast - Mild weather to the south, as fronts move off of the coast quickly. Possible lake effect snows and colder to the northeast on the last few days of the month.