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Climate: Soul of the Earth

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Basic charts explained/ update - 12.23.05
Climate modeling in Doc Weather is explained in this sequence of charts as an aid to working with this site.

Weather and Chaos Theory: the Standard Map - 07.05.05
Doc Weather compares chaos theory in physics to the planetary motion techniques he uses to predict the weather .

Canonical el nino | Part 2 - 09.09.04
The second part of this article gives a case study from the historic records to illustrate the idea of retrograde motion relating to el nino.

Motion In Arc - 07.14.04
Motion in arc is the basis for the ability of Doc Weather to track dynamic weather elements in flux. This article shows how motion in arc can be thought of in a wider scientific context.

North American Climate Patterns - 07.11.04
The yearly climate patterns in the United States are described in monthly sequences in this article. A seasonal alamanac of the United States is the result.

Drought and Lunar Eclipses - 07.09.04
Drought cycles can be linked to movements of the eclipse points in 18 year rhythms. Doc Weather explains eclipses and then links them to drought.