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Accurate long-range forecasts of coming weather useful to commodities traders, farmers, event planners, and others.

Forecasts for January 2008 - 01.01.08
Forecasts for January 2008

December forecasts - 12.03.07
December 2007 forecasts.

November forecasts - 11.07.07
November forecasts for fall 2007.

October Outlook - 10.04.07
The outlook for October 2007.

september outlook - 08.31.07
The weather outlook for September 2007

August forecasts - 07.30.07
August long range forecast

July outlook - Midwest drought? - 06.27.07
Will the coming months be a memorable drought for the US heartland? Doc W looks at the potentials in this forecast.

June 2007 forecasts - 06.04.07
What to look for in June 2007

May forecasts - 04.24.07
Doc Weather forecasts for May 2007

1988 and 2007 drought patterns - 04.19.07
The upcoming summer contains the potential for a repeat of the 1988 Midwest drought. Learn why in this article.

April forecasts - 03.28.07
A look at the coming month's potentials.

March forecasts - 02.27.07
Predictions for March 2007

February outlook - 01.29.07
Forecasts for February 2007

Citrus freeze alert for California - 01.11.07
In the next few days a strong cold snap will hit the West Coast. See the historic precedents for this pattern in Doc Weather.

January forecasts - 01.08.07
January Forecasts

Denver Blizzard pattern - 12.22.06
Doc Weather predicted the recent blizzard in Denver last August and again this December.

El Nino is back in the game. - 12.12.06
The faltering El Nino has revived and the Pacific jet stream is once again attracting the attention of forecasters.

December forecasts for 2006 - 12.03.06
December forecasts for 2006

Mercury is shifting gears over the western Pacific. - 12.02.06
Since the shift to direct motion by Mercury the complexion of the current El Nino has changed.

Mercury joins the mid Pacific fleet. - 11.28.06
The recent Mercury loop was coincident with rising SSTs in the central Pacific.

El Nino: West Coast rains 1997 - 11.21.06
The current cluster of planets in the eastern Pacific may be involved in significant rains for the West Coast this year if past patterns hold true.

El Nino update November 17, 2006 - 11.18.06
Mercury is now on station over the dateline. Conditions are likely to change.

El Nino update #3 mid November 2006 - 11.13.06
What is happening over the Pacific west of Hawaii may have strong import on this wiinter's weather.

El Nino update November, 2006 - 11.04.06
El Nino or not El Nino that is the question.

An advanced look at El Nino - 11.02.06
Doc Weather takes a long range look at the potentials for the currently faltering El Nino.

Predictions for November 2006 - 10.30.06
The upcoming patterns for November 2006.

October forecast - 09.27.06
Weekly Predictions for October 2006

September 2006 outlooks - 08.20.06
Weekly forecasts for September 2006

August forecasts - 08.11.06
Extended forecast for the month of August

Floods in the Northeast / summer 2006 - 07.19.06
Repeated flooding in the northeast is an image of the movements of the polar jet along the eclipse grid.

July 2006 weekly weather predictions - 06.20.06
Looking for future summer weather? Find a long range forecast on Doc Weather.

Predictions for June 2006 - 05.30.06
The upcoming weather patterns for June 2006

weekly predictions for May 2006 - 04.16.06
A look ahead at upcoming weather events.

April 2006 weekly forecasts - 03.17.06
The weekly upcoming forecasts for April 2006.

March 2006 predictions - 02.22.06
Look here for long range predictions for March 2006

Mother Nature and the April fool - 02.21.06
Mother Nature, will she play the fool again in the Northeast?

2006 / Melting Winnipeg : Blizzard New York - 02.14.06
Some like it hot, some like it cold. 2006 is only six weeks old.

Winter 2006: jet stream patterns. - 02.09.06
In the winter of 2006 the disturbance diamond has straddled the West Coast in February.

February Outlook - 01.21.06
Weekly trends for February 2006

Doc Weather planetary climate gazette. - 12.19.05
Doc Weather links the upcoming planetary events with likely climate patterns for winter and spring of 2006.

Jet curves and the polar jet stream. - 12.18.05
The current placement of the jet curves over the east and west coasts should create a pattern of cold for the Midwest.

El Nino 2005-2006 - 12.16.05
The present planetary patterns over the Pacific point to the unfolding of a normal temperature range for the winter.

Historic blizzard siege in New England; January,1996 - 11.27.05
This coming December promises some storms in the Northeast US. Learn why from this study of the blizzards of 1996.

Outlook December 2005 - 11.27.05
The general weather outlook for December 2005

Winter 1995 as an analog to winter 2006. - 11.25.05
Looking back helps us to look forward. The winter of 1995 can offer insights into the upcoming winter.

Fall 2005 / Winter 2006 outlook - 11.18.05
A long range look ahead to climate patterns for fall and winter of 2006

November 2005 Weekly Weather Outlook - 10.27.05
November represents a shift in the whole climate regime for North America into a winter storm mode.

Outlook for fall 2005 - 09.15.05
New eclipse points put strong focus on Gulf of Alaska and the Maritime Provinces.

September weekly outlooks - 08.29.05
The weekly forecasts for September 2005

American monsoon creates a stir. - 08.21.05
Strange climate patterns result as the American monsoon fires up in the Southwest.

August weekly predictions - 07.18.05
Weekly predictions for the month of August 2005.

Summer Outlook for 2005 - 06.30.05
The patterns for the continent should continue for the summer due to the placement of the eclipse grid.

July Weekly Outlooks - 06.09.05
The weekly outlooks for July 2005.

June weekly forecasts - 05.18.05
The weekly forecasts for June 2005.

Weekly Predictions May 2005 - 05.01.05
Weekly predictions for May 2005 by Doc Weather.

Weekly Predictions May 2005 - 04.24.05

April eclipse patterns for the spring. - 04.04.05
April Eclipse patterns are similar to the past winter. This is good or bad depending on where you live..

April 2005 weekly forecasts - 03.15.05
April has an eclipse in it so weekly patterns will be fluid.

Spring outlook 2005 - 03.08.05
An April eclipse and Jupiter motion should change patterns for the next few months.

Weekly Predictions March 2005 - 02.15.05
March weekly weather forecasts by Doc Weather.

Mars declination update. - 02.11.05
Looking backward and forward at the current Mars transit of the coast.

Winter outlook 2005 - 01.15.05
A brief survey of the main climate patterns for the upcoming winter.

Climate patterns for 2005 - 01.14.05
Doc Weather analyses the climate patterns and eclipse influences most likely to produce the weather in 2005.

Weekly Predictions February 2005 - 01.14.05
Weekly weather forecasts of the coming month.

January weekly predictions. - 12.15.04

Midwest Outlook 2005 - 12.01.04
A twelve-month forecast of the significant weather events of 2005 for the Midwest.

El Nino 2004/ 05 - 11.19.04
Two years ago, Doc Weather predicted the current el nino using planetary motion techniques.Find out how in this article.

Weekly predictions December 2004 - 11.15.04
The weather forecasts for December 2004 accompanied by Doc Weather's charts.

November Weekly Weather Outlook - 10.13.04
This article gives predictions for the placement of significant weather events in the coming month.

US weekly weather forecast for October 2004 - 09.28.04
The balmy weather in late September should change for the continent in October. Charts for each week plus descriptions are available for members.

Things to Look for in 2005 - 07.17.04
Looking for weather changes with Doc Weather in 2005, these significant times bear close watching.

West Coast Outlook 2005 - 07.16.04
A twelve month forecast of the significant weather events of 2005 for the West Coast.

East Coast Outlook for 2005 - 07.16.04
A twelve-month forecast of the significant weather events of 2005 for the East Coast.

El Nino Outlook- 2005 - 07.13.04
In Doc Weather the approach to El Nino studies is linked to the motions of the planets. This article surveys some of these movements in 2005 and makes a forecast.

Inter-Mountain High Plains Outlook 2005 - 07.12.04
A twelve- month forecast of the significant weather events of 2005 for the Inter-Mountain and High Plains regions.