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October forecast - 09.27.06

Weekly Predictions for October 2006

week 1- Low pressure from a Uranus shift on the eastern pair should dominate the Mid Continent while the PNW should see dry and warm weather.

West Coast- Clear and mild,S ;unsettled N after the 3rd

Mountain/High Plains- Colder N; possible fronts into Denver after midweek.

Mid-Continent �" Wet to the south; cool to the north

East Coast- Wet, Mid Atlantic states and south at end of the week

week 2 The node and Jupiter both shift on the 7th bringing high-pressure into the continent. Look for dryness in the southeast with a strong chance of an early Gulf of Mexico storm into the east coast. Also look for fronts into New England with the rest of the continent mostly dry.

West Coast- Unsettled to the south; fronts to the north

Mountain/High Plains- Cold and dry to the north; fronts to the south

Mid-Continent- Dry and warmer to the north; with fronts to the south

East Coast- Fronts Great Lakes to NE; fronts Ozarks to Washington DC

week 3 High-pressure over the continent and over the Aleutians should bring cold into the PNW and the Northern Mountains states as well as the Northeast. Dry and warm conditions in the southwest should keep the storm jet to the north.

West Coast- Cold and wet fronts into the PNW and south early in the week

Mountain/High Plains- Cold rains to the north at midweek; dry to the south

Mid-Continent �" Cold rains into the Corn Belt; dry to the south

East Coast- Cold fronts in the NE, rains on the mid Atlantic coast ; late

week 4 Unsettled weather on the West Coast early should yield to high-pressure across the continent late in the week except in the east.

West Coast- Cold PNW and N CA early; warmer and clearing late

Mountain/High Plains- Fronts to the N early; warmer late

Mid-Continent- Dry/clear to the south; fronts to N at midweek

East Coast- High to S; fronts mid Atlantic states late; cool to N