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January forecasts - 01.08.07

January Forecasts



week 1 High-pressure from Jupiter and the node should support a ridge over the west bringing cold and clear weather to the western half of the country, with warmer than normal temperatures in the eastern third. Look for rains in the Central States.

West Coast- Dry to the north / storm track into California mid week

Mountain/High Plains- Dry and mild N, Mountains and Plains states, wetter to the south

Mid-Continent �" Dry and mild Great Lakes and Central states. Cooler with rain, Gulf Coast

East Coast- Warmth up the coast, late. Cold into SE



week 2 High-pressure on the West Coast early should keep things dry and cold there and on the continent. Look for wet into the west after midweek and a late storm in the east.

West Coast - High and mild, N and S early. Wet /cold to south; late.

Mountain/High Plains - Dry / mild N Mts. Dry / cold, N Plains. Wet to south after 12th.

Mid-Continent- Cold / weak fronts; Gt. Lakes and Central States

East Coast- Cold / SE with a late storm, mid Atlantic states



week 3 Watch for a strong shift in weather patterns near the 15tt. A high in the Gulf of Alaska should surge north and drive the storm jet down on the West Coast. Watch for wet in the west and across the north of the continent while the south on the continent should dry out and warm up.

West Coast- Wet north and south.

Mountain/High Plains- Wet in south and cooler.

Mid-Continent �" Wet into Great Lakes and drier in Central and Gulf Coast States.

East Coast- Drier and warmer in SE and mild and moist to the north.



week 4 Many changes at midweek will keep weather unsettled across the whole chart.

West Coast- Mild early, N and S with moderate fronts; colder with storms to S late.

Mountain/High Plains- Cool / wet early, N; colder with storms to S late.

Mid-Continent- Fronts to N, dry to S early; dry and milder to N, late.

East Coast- Warm to S, wet to N, early; colder with fronts mid Atlantic States, late.