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Find out about current unusual weather events and their cosmic background, within the United States.

Where is the cold coming from? - 02.05.07
The current cold snap on the continent is part of an unusual climate pattern. Doc Weather compares the NAO and the PNA patterns in this article.

Is this Bangor or Bermuda? - 01.07.07
The Northeast is caught in some unusual weather patterns. Find out why in Doc Weather.

West Coast heat wave July 2006 - 07.24.06
The heat wave on the West Coast is unusual but not unprecedented. Find out why in Doc Weather.

Spring flip-flop for the Northeast - 05.16.06
Last month New Englanders heard brush fire warnings. This month they are hearing warnings of dams bursting. Find out why in Doc Weather.

Are we in California yet? - 04.01.06
A month of remarkable rains has Californians wondering where their state went.

Standoff in the mountains - 03.19.06
The late snowstorm now exiting the Rockies was a standoff between two high pressure areas. See why in Doc Weather.

West Coast floods; December 2005 - 12.31.05
Jupiter and Saturn are dancing in the western Pacific and the West Coast of the US is invited.

Mercury, Venus and the rain dance on the West Coast. - 12.27.05
Remarkable ocean warming has opened the storm window on the West Coast.

Final Wilma tracking update Oct 25. - 10.25.05

Oct 23 Hurricane Wilma update. - 10.23.05
Wilma moves north into the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

Wilma tracking update Oct 20. - 10.20.05
This is a very unusual storm, very intense and very sensitive in its tracking values.

Wilma tracking update Oct 19. - 10.19.05
Wilma is now a record setting storm.

Wilma is on the map. - 10.19.05
Wilma is now a category 4 storm.

Wilma Watch - 10.16.05
Tomorrow's eclipse will be sure to add some twists to the tracking of the new storm.

Upcoming patterns and nodal influences - 10.10.05
The current nodal station has calmed down hurricane eruptions.

Last Update - 10.06.05
An upper level trough over the new jet curve has shifted hurricane dynamics in the Gulf.

Hurricane Update - 10.05.05
Action on the new jet curve promises to keep things lively on the Gulf Coast.

Update on Hurricane Stan - 10.04.05
The influence of the new eclipse jet curve is not over even though Hurricane Stan is moving west.

hurricane Stan bulletin - 10.03.05
This just in on Hurricane Stan.

Hurricanes 1995 - 2005 - 09.28.05
The decadal rhythm of two similar hurricane seasons points to the movement of the eclipse points.

Taking Katrinas Temperature - 09.27.05
A look at the warmth absorbing potential of a major storm.

Rita,Katrina, and Dennis - 09.23.05
Hurricanes above and below. Upper air masses and ocean temperature plumes steer the great storms into land.

The Hurricane Highway - 09.02.05
An unusual rhythm in eclipse patterns supports two years of storms into the Southeast.

Northeast OOPS! - 08.23.05
The essence of weather is change. The forecast busts when the forecaster forgets this fundamental rule.

Why Hurricane Dennis failed to save the beans. - 08.03.05
The failure of rains in the Corn Belt will have a strong effect on corn and soybean harvests this year.

Speaking of Hurricanes - 07.18.05
Doc Weather explains some of the terms used by forecasters to describe the forces that support or weaken hurricanes.

Drought Drama in Midwest: Hurricane Dennis - 07.08.05
Farmers in the Midwest are praying for a miracle in the form of Hurricane Dennis

Chicago: is it in Florida or Alaska? - 04.25.05
The recent Midwest snowstorm came on the heels of record- breaking heat. Jupiter and the node continue their dance.

Record rains in Southern California; Winter 2005 - 03.01.05
A strong blocking pattern brought record rains to Southern California this winter. Find out about this pattern from Doc Weather.

Blizzard Bulletin - 01.23.05
Just a note of reminder to members to check out the recently published article on New England blizzards.

California storms; January 2005 - 01.13.05
Record snow and flooding on the West Coast was produced by an omega blocking pattern in the eastern Pacific.

Recent West Coast storms; Venus has a new boyfriend - 12.31.04
The current rash of West Coast storms is linked to a dynamic relationship between two planets.

Late autumn cold wave; Midwest 2004 - 12.23.04
Doc Weather missed the recent Midwest cold by not shifting from autumn thinking to winter thinking.

Mars, Venus tandem storm in Pacific. - 12.08.04
A strong storm arises from a tempestuous boy meets girl event over the Pacific.

Soybean warnings for next year. - 11.27.04
Ominous forecasts of Asian Soybean Rust in the Corn Belt are casting fear into the soybean futures markets. Learn about the long-range potential for this scenario from Doc Weather.

Record October rains for the West Coast - 10.31.04
California got record October rains this year. The eclipse points were in an unusual relationship during this unusual storm.

Current El Nino Update. - 10.25.04
Comparison of Doc Weather forecast for El Nino and the current outlook from the National Weather Service.

Hurricane Analysis - 10.02.04
The paths of the four major Florida hurricanes all were influenced by the Bermuda High. In October, an early break in the storm pattern will be shifted again at mid month.

Historic hurricane tracking patterns - 09.26.04
Tracking and landfall patterns for the major category 4 hurricanes, Ivan, Camille and Baker are strikingly similar. Learn why fluctuations in the Bermuda High are behind these amazing storms and this year's unprecedented hurricane season.

Ivan Landfall; September 04 - 09.16.04
The predicted landfall for Ivan evaded Doc Weather. But the actual landfall was right on the button for the planetary patterns linked to this event.

Hurricane Ivan update - 09.13.04
Hurricane Ivan is now expected to meet a fast moving trough that will alter the track. This was the trough predicted in the last hotspots item.

Ivan Outlook - 09.09.04
The passage of Ivan and the potential shift in planetary patterns look to be an ill timed coincidence.

Ivan the Terrible? - 09.08.04
If Hurricane Ivan now in the Caribbean Sea slows down just a bit the timing is ominous for Florida.

A nino summer/ Pacific 2004 - 09.05.04
Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures are on the rise. Find out why Doc Weather saw this a year ago.

Frances and Old Man Winter - 09.01.04
Hurricane Frances may have a memorable meeting with Old Man Winter over the Midwest next week.

Frost on the beans. - 08.30.04
Four months ago Doc Weather called for a good chance of an early frost in the High Plains.

El Nino is on the move. - 08.17.04
A sudden warming of the mid Pacific in July was predicted by Doc Weather a year ago.

Hurricane Charley - 08.16.04
The movements of the moon surrounding the birth and surge times of Hurricane Charley were classic examples of how planetary motion influences the weather.

Neptune Influences - 07.24.04
Look for a strong and turbulent area over the Midwest this summer as a cluster of planetary motions unfolds in July.

Recent Floods in the Northeast - 07.18.04
Recent floods in the Northeast were predicted by Doc Weather in March of 2003.

Soybean Weather - 07.14.04
This ridge in the Midwest should become more than a blip on the radar screens of the commodity traders at CBOT.

June Floods in Texas - 06.14.04
Floods in the middle of June on the Gulf Coast were linked to the motions of the moon.